Social Media Policy



Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. believes that the use of social media represents an important development in society, which offers upsides as well as potential risks. In this Social Media Policy, we describe the rules that staff members need to be aware of when using social media.

We consider all websites where you have a profile-based presence and can engage in online conversations, transparently or otherwise, to be social media. The best-known social media sites at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. However, be aware that new ones pop up all the time. Similarly, sites such as Flickr and Slideshare also have social media aspects.


Just as with the rise of the Internet, new possibilities emerge and it is not always immediately clear how everything should be regulated. But we believe that every member of staff is able to make sensible choices. This document was designed to help make these choices. If you have any questions about this, please contact .

You probably use social media primarily in a personal capacity. The formal rules that are set out here relate primarily to what you do while at work. However, we also ask you to be aware that even when acting in a personal capacity, it is becoming ever easier for others to see who you are and where you work. This means that even in your private life and when acting in a personal capacity, you are increasingly a representative of Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd..

We believe that if you are aware of this, you will act in a responsible manner.

At the same time, it is good to realise that not everything is suddenly new and different. What hasn’t changed is that you always use your common sense.Be aware, for instance, that information you share on social media sites cannot be taken down once it’s out there. Even information that you only share with “friends” can easily be copied and shared with the rest of the world.

The and your employment contract include a number of provisions equally applicable to what you do with social media. For instance, it has always been the case that you should not publish confidential business information – this hasn’t changed!

If you get involved on social media sites in discussions about Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd., whether directly or indirectly, be aware that you have a responsibility as an employee, and your contributions should always be in the interest of our company.

Use of social media during working hours

Employees of Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. are not allowed to use social networks during working hours, except for employees that have a specific role and/or task regarding the company use of social media.

The use of location-based services, such as Foursquare, also qualify as social media (at least, when you share your location with online “friends”).Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. has no objection (on the contrary!) if you want to check in at work, as long as you observe the other guidelines set out in this policy.


Please observe the following guidelines, where applicable, when using social media:

  • You are solely responsible for what you communicate, regardless of the name or alias you use. Keep this in mind at all times.
  • If you create an account or alias, you must not in any way use the name Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. in your account name or alias without the permission of .
  • If you behave or communicate in a way detrimental to Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. while using social media, it is always possible that your manager may wish to address the matter with you.
  • If you communicate directly or indirectly about Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd., you should never do so in a negative light - whether about Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. or on behalf of Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd.. Social media are not an appropriate channel for negative communication, and it rarely does any good.
  • If you become involved in a discussion that starts to become unpleasant, do not get involved any further: just walk away.
  • Please make sure you don’t share any information about third parties without their consent. Specifically, this means information about customers and the fact that you work for certain customers. Bear in mind that more and more applications (such as Foursquare, but also Twitter) share your location with others, and that you could therefore inadvertently divulge information about customers.
  • Do not respond impulsively: it never hurts to think twice before posting. If in doubt, consult with a direct colleague or your manager.

We realise that developments in this field move very quickly. In this policy, we have tried to include the most important points and principles, but it is by no means exhaustive

Perhaps the most important rule is this: keep your wits about you, and always keep the interests of Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. in mind.