Narayana Team


Narayan Infraheight CEO's Message

As a firm our mission is to build Narayan Infraheight Pvt. Ltd. as the best and biggest Real Estate business in Allahabad. By delivering the highest standards of deals and products we continuously thrive to be the best in the Industry.

We continuously involve talent and innovative ideas with industry standards and carefully crafted plans in order to provide the best of properties in Allahabad.

    By dividing our efforts in multiple channels, we plan to deliver the best to our clients.

  • Developing, Building and Providing high standard living and residential Flats, Apartments and Holmes in Allahabad
  • Incorporating best talent and professionals from all over the country , we promise to deliver top notch satisfaction and comfort.
  • Providing lucrative deals on Commercial and Official spaces at creame spots in Allahabad and Naini for start ups and growing businesses